Erotic hotel massage Erotica: The Ultimate Room Service, by AMIRA

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Erotic hotel massage Erotica: The Ultimate Room Service, by AMIRA

The Ultimate Room Service

erotic hotel massageDave was tired and stressed as he checked into the InterContinental hotel in London’s Park Lane but was pleased that his suite was fresh and ready for him. He had arrived on the red eye from New York, having been sent out to London by his company for 4 days. A heavy day of meetings had finally finished, and Dave was ready to hit the sack. Walking into his suite he pulled his shiny new MacBook Pro laptop out of its case and turned it on. Using the free Wi-Fi in the hotel he began to surf Google for an erotic hotel massage.

Dave was classically handsome. In his early 30’s, his brown ‘come to bed’ eyes, square jaw and his perfectly groomed hair made him a hit with the girls and the time he spent at the gym, while it hadn’t given him a six pack, meant that he was firm and toned. He knew that he could probably go out and find a girl for the night but really didn’t want something that heavy. Just some relaxation.

He looked about the internet for a while at massage parlours and the sort of place that you wouldn’t want to be seen entering when he came across a site offering something he had not seen before. The company was called AMIRA Massage London and luckily for him they were an erotic hotel massage service based in London. He had a good look around the web site for something that took his fancy. He had never had a masseuse come to his hotel room before and the thought quite excited him. He chose one of the full body massages, the AMIRA Massage INTENSE, and decided that after the day that he had suffered would probably need at least 2 hours to be truly relaxed.

Nervously he picked up the phone and dialled their number. The phone rang a couple of times and was picked up by a bright and cheerful girl who immediately made him feel at ease. He told her what he was looking for and the girl asked him if there was anything special that he would like. Dave asked that the lady be dressed in stockings, but not just stockings as he wanted suspenders too.

“Hold ups are ok,” he told the girl “but you can’t beat a suspender belt or a basque for complete sexiness.”

The girl on the phone giggled and agreed with him. “Is there any particular type of masseuse that you would like? English, Asian, European, Latin?” she asked

“I really don’t mind. I’m pretty easy to please.” Dave said.

“Ok that’s great, we’ll send you someone who can be with you in half an hour. Thank you for calling AMIRA, enjoy your massage.”

He sat down on the edge of his bed trying to control his nerves. He jumped as there was a knock on the door. Opening the door he was greeted by one of the most stunning women he had ever seen.

“So are you going to invite me in or shall I just stand out here…” she said with a chuckle.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry,” said Dave and opened the door wider and stood back to allow her into the room.

She introduced herself as Josephine. Dave looked her up and down and was very pleased with what he saw. He guessed that she was mid 20’s and about 5’8” tall. He liked her body very much. She was slim and statuesque but quite busty at the same time, his ideal woman in many respects. Blonde and blue-eyed, she had an aura of coquettish innocence about her.

Josephine put her bag down on the table and said “So where shall we go?”

“Oh in the bedroom,” Dave replied indicating for her to follow him. She picked up her bag and followed him.

“You’ve ordered the AMIRA Massage INTENSE. So we’re going to start with a soapy massage in the shower. Wait here for a moment while I get the bathroom ready for us.”

Dave lay back on the bed but plumped up the pillow. This was starting to get fun. She put some music on, as she’d brought her iPod and some speakers with her. It was soft and intoxicating, an instrumental chill out type mix. Josephine walked around the room with an aura of confidence, lighting candles and a stick of incense. She mentioned that it was a special Japanese incense that didn’t have the burning smell so common with many varieties of incense. Dave relaxed further onto the bed and waited while she went to the bathroom. He heard her rustling around for a minute and then she re-emerged.

Josephine was wearing a black tailored business suit. The pencil skirt clung to the shapely legs of the masseuse and the whole outfit was complimented by a sheer black blouse. Her makeup was stunning and she could easily pass as a business woman in any town in the country.

Slowly she began to remove her jacket, revealing the blouse to be quite transparent which you couldn’t see when the jacket was on. Her basque was clearly visible through it. Dave loved that and could feel himself starting to get an erection which he tried to hide.

“Don’t worry,” she said with a smile, “I’d feel a bit offended if you didn’t get one.”

Her hands slowly undid the tiny pearlised buttons of her blouse and it was soon hanging over the back of the chair with her jacket. Slowly lifting up her skirt until the tops of her stockings were visible she ran her hands slowly and sensually up her legs and over the skirt to the zipper which she pulled down and wiggled her bottom so that the skirt dropped on its own onto the floor.

She stood in front of him in her lingerie which was better than Dave had even asked for. She was indeed very sexy. Putting her leg up on the bed, she unclipped the suspenders from first one side and then the other and slowly rolled the stockings down her legs. She pulled them easily off and threw them to join the rest of her clothes.

“I could do with some help to get this off,” she said to Dave. “A little help please?”

Dave was up in a shot and began to unclip the basque and in moments it was off. She stood and turned, still holding it over her front before dropping it with a flourish revealing a firm pair of breasts with nipples that were standing to attention. All that was left was her panties which were tied at the sides and so with simple pull of the cord they fell away to reveal her completely naked body.

Her pussy looked deliciously smooth and well maintained.

“So do I meet with your approval?”

“Oh very much so. You’re absolutely stunning,” Dave managed to whisper.

Josephine walked closer to him until she was inches away. Looking him in the eyes, she started taking off his robe.

“It felt a bit unfair with you in a robe and me naked.”

Dave laughed as she took his hand in her own and led him to the bathroom. She’d turned all the lights off and a few small candles were flickering. She turned on the shower and got in herself, and Dave watched the water running down her lithe body. She pulled him in and put his back under the running water, and then grabbed some kind of foaming shower gel and covering her breasts with it. She started to slide her breasts over his chest, with her arms wrapped around him. Dave couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to have her moist wet body sliding over his. Her soft hands were touching him everywhere, covering him with the suds. He’d never had such a thorough washing. She turned him around and started sliding over his back, slipping her hand between his legs.

Breathing softly in his ear, Josephine asked Dave to turn around again. They were both under the hot water now and she was wrapping her hands around his throbbing cock. It felt so good that he just couldn’t hold it in and came hard all over her stomach.

“That’s ok,” Josephine said. “Now you can relax completely for the massage.”

She dried him off with one of the fluffy hotel towels. Dave didn’t know but Josephine’s pussy was starting to get really wet. She always got excited about massaging clients and found it extremely erotic.

“Ok, so are you ready for your massage? Lie on the bed face down please.”

Dave did as he was told and felt the warm trickle of oil as it was poured onto his back before he felt the warmth and weight of a naked body on him. He could feel her breasts as they rubbed against his back as she used her whole body to massage his tired muscles. Sometimes he could feel the moisture of her pussy as it rubbed against his leg as she continued to use her whole naked body to massage his stress away.

He was really enjoying the feeling of this beautiful woman as she writhed about on his back. He could feel her hot breath on the back of his neck as her body slid up and down his. He had never experienced a massage like this before and was glad he had decided to call this company rather than go and find some willing tart in a club somewhere.

His relaxation was now almost complete but his hard-on was becoming uncomfortable as it pressed into the mattress. This girl was turning him on like he had never known before, and he’d only just orgasmed too.

“Ok, time to turn over.” she said.

Dave was slightly embarrassed because of his erect state, but Josephine murmured “No need to worry. I’m used to it and I see it as a compliment… it shows that you are enjoying my body and what I’m doing.”

His hard-on pointed straight up. He wasn’t huge and although he had never measured it guessed that it was probably about 7 inches but he had been told by several girls that it was quite thick and that was best.

She looked at it and subconsciously licked her lips as she poured some more oil onto his chest and lay down on top of him. Using her whole body she slid up until her breasts were dangling over Dave’s mouth with their erect nipples begging to be sucked and licked but he knew that he was likely to get a slap if he did so. This was a professional company that didn’t hire out escorts so he just stared at them and wished.

This wasn’t helping as his erection was even harder than before and now she was on her front rubbing her body up and down his, it was a matter of fact that sometimes her pussy brushed against his cock which was turning him on in a way that he had never felt before. He had been turned on before but this was a new level.

She seemed to be enjoying herself as her eyes were closed, and she got into all sorts of positions so that her entire body was used in the massage. He even thought that perhaps she had a small orgasm as she massaged him because her body went slightly stiff for a moment. He couldn’t believe that it was so easy to get an incredible erotic hotel massage in London.

Pouring some oil on her hands, she grasped his hard dick around the base and began to slowly tease him. She climbed on top of him and got into the 69 position but kept her pussy far enough away from his face so that he couldn’t touch her, just look, as her hands began to increase the tempo on his cock and her breasts rubbed against his toned stomach which was almost enough to make him shoot his load. She eased off a little bit and started touching him in another way. He couldn’t believe she had that much control over his body, that she could get him so close to release and then pull back just before orgasm so that he still had the pre-orgasmal peak of ecstasy. She used her entire body, front and back, to rub over him. Josephine kept teasing Dave by getting him so close to coming again and then pulling back, each time doing something new and unusual with her hands and body. After a while, she started rubbing his rock hard cock with her beautiful soft breasts and he came all over them, shooting hard and high, some of it getting into her hair.

Getting off him she stood at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips and with a smile said “Well I guess you enjoyed that then.”

She wandered back into the bathroom while Dave lay relaxing on the bed, totally wiped out from the incredible experience of Josephine’s expert erotic massage skills. She jumped in the shower and pulled the shower head off the hook, pointing it towards her pussy. Massaging Dave’s toned and sexy body had just gotten her so aroused. She came really quickly and really hard from the pressurised stream of hot water aimed at her clit. Josephine got out of the shower and dried herself, and got dressed again.

“Perhaps I’ll see you again soon” she said as she walked towards the door. As she walked out, Josephine handed Dave a sleek dark grey plastic business card embossed with silver lettering saying, “AMIRA Massage: The Ultimate Room Service.”


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