First Body to Body Massage Experience, an Erotica Story by AMIRA

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First Body to Body Massage Experience, an Erotica Story by AMIRA

After a long and arduous flight from Dubai, Abdul was feeling totally exhausted by the time he got to his hotel room in London. His tall, chiselled frame was so tired. He knew that he needed some relaxation, but he wasn’t sure what the best idea would be. Should he go to the hotel spa? The Intercontinental on Park Lane has a great spa, so he thought that might be a good idea. He had a look through the brochure on his desk, but it didn’t really seem that interesting. There was nothing on the hotel spa menu that really stood out to him as an amazing and re-energising experience.

So he decided to head to Google and look up massage services. He figured there must be something excellent in London, the city where everything goes. Abdul had a look through a whole variety of different incall and outcall massage services in London. He decided he wanted someone to come to him, an outcall massage, because then he didn’t have to go to the hassle of finding the place and he could just relax and chill out after the massage.

After searching through all of London’s outcall massage providers, there was one in particular that really stood out to him. Initially, Abdul was looking for a really good Swedish massage, but when he came across AMIRA Massage, his imagination started racing with sexy thoughts. How great would it be to try a sexy massage? He’d never had an erotic massage before, and he thought that happy ending massages were an urban myth. Yet here was this professional company, proudly offering “Adult” massage services. He couldn’t really believe they were for real, but they looked so professional. Abdul swallowed his nerves and called up the reception number.

“AMIRA Massage, how may I help you this evening?” a calm, sensual voice answered.

“Hi. I’m staying on Park Lane, and I was interested in your services. I’ve never had this kind of massage before… and I’m really curious. Can you tell me more about what you offer?”

“Certainly, sir. We offer a fully nude body to body massage experience. Both you and your masseuse will be covered in oil and it is a passive experience, so you just lay back and relax. Your masseuse is fully trained in the ancient arts of erotic Tantra massage and will incorporate different elements of Tantric teachings into the massage experience. Our prices include transportation within Central London, and start from £290 for 60 minutes.”

“So, what do you mean by body to body massage?” Abdul asked softly. This was sounding even more arousing than he’d initially realised.

“A body to body massage is where the masseuse uses her entire body to massage yours.”

“Wait, so, you mean.. she’s naked, and using her naked body to massage me? I mean, what parts of her body? Her hands?”

“She uses her entire body, sir.”

“Can I request that she use specific body parts to massage me…? Or is it a pre-set routine?”

“All our masseuses are trained to a professional standard, but each individual massage is bespoke and unique to the client. So you’re welcome to ask her to focus on massaging any particular body part of your own, in the way you’d like, within reason.”

“How long will it take her to get here?”

“We have masseuses available to visit you within 30 minutes. Do you have any particular preferences?”

“Just send me whoever has the biggest, roundest ass.” Abdul realised he was going to have an awesome evening. This whole concept of body to body massage was new and extremely exciting

Thirty minutes later, a gorgeous girl knocked on Abdul’s door. “Hi, I’m Sherry” she said sweetly. She was petite, slim but curvy, and wow what a booty! Abdul couldn’t believe his luck. Here was a hot girl, 10 out of 10, looked like a curvy little Kim Kardashian. Wow.

Sherry closed the door behind her, and kissed him on both cheeks. So she was sexy and friendly, as well as being gorgeous. She took a little bag out of her handbag and pulled out some tiny candles. She put them all over the room and lit them. She took out her iPod and put some relaxing music on. “I just wanted to make it nice in here. I hope you don’t mind.” Abdul told her that it was fine, and he just sat on the edge of the bed while she set up the room.

“So, how would you like your session to go?” she asked.

Abdul was nervous. He didn’t know if he could tell her what he really wanted. She sensed his nervousness and said, “Don’t worry, you can tell me anything.”

Abdul started to feel more comfortable around this sexy little bombshell who was so sweet and thoughtful. “Well, you know, um, I was kind of hoping.. well… this is a body to body massage, right? Well, um, my favourite part of a woman’s body.. is her ass. I mean, can you give me a sexy ass massage? Is that ok? Can you do that? It would be amazing, but you know, you don’t have to.. you can just do what you usually do, whatever that is.”

“Of course baby! I can do your massage for you however you’d like. I’m sure to make it super fun!” Sherry, the sexy and curvy Kim-Kardashian-look-a-like, whispered into his ear. Abdul was so aroused already, His cock was getting really hard underneath his fluffy white bathrobe. Sensing his arousal, Sherry sat next to him on the edge of the bed and started kissing his neck softly. Holy amazing, this was good. Abdul’s dick was harder than a rock. Sherry slipped her hand under his robe and started stroking it for a minute.

“More later, baby.” She stood up and headed to the bathroom. When she came out a minute later, she was totally naked. She walked closer to Abdul and took his robe off. Her body was amazing, ilke a curvy little goddess with a big round bubble butt and firm, juicy tits.

“Lie face down for me please.”

Abdul did as he was told and lay down on his front side across the bed. Sherry climbed onto the bed and started stroking him lightly all over. She spread some warm oil on her tits then started sliding them across his back. Then she spread warm oil all over her backside and started sliding all over his back with her amazing round ass. It was like two soft melons massaging him, he’d never felt anything like it before and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. She used her butt to massage his entire back.

“Turn over for me baby.”

Abdul turned over, and his erection was raging by this point. His thick seven inch cock was throbbing, it almost hurt he was so hard.

“Oh, baby, that’s exactly what I love to see.” Sherry purred, sticking his erection between her delicious tits. She started sliding them up and down his hard cock.

“Do you like it, baby?”

“… y..y..yes…” Abdul managed to stutter out. He could barely speak. Here was this gorgeous goddess, sliding herself on him. Unreal.

She turned around, faced away from him, and stuck his dick between her butt cheeks. She kept teasing him for ages.

Eventually, Abdul couldn’t take anymore, and his hot cum sprayed out all over one of her ass cheeks.

She lay down beside him, kissed his neck again, and started stroking his hair. “Would you like a head massage?”

He nodded. She started giving him an amazing head massage, stroking and pulling his hair and massaging his scalp all over.

This is how all massages should be, Abdul thought to himself.