NEW! Japanese inspired AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE

Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in AMIRA Blog, AMIRA News
NEW! Japanese inspired AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE

Are you looking for the best nuru massage London offers?

AMIRA Massage London, purveyor of the some of the world’s finest premium luxury erotic massages, is proud to present our newest offering for your epicurean delight: the AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE. Our sexiest massage yet, the AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE is a heart-stoppingly naughty blend of some of the most erotic massage moves known to man and the exquisite authentic imported Japanese nuru gel. Exotic and enticing, the AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE is the ultimate extreme erotic experience for your sensual pleasure. It’s undoubtedly the best nuru massage London offers.

Discover an irresistible and expertly choreographed slippery full body massage designed solely to overwhelm your senses with titillating eroticism and transport you to previously unknown physical pleasures. It is undoubtedly the most effective stress release treatment available anywhere in the world.

A delightfully inviting treatment available to men, women, and couples in London, the AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE is set to be your new favourite AMIRA Massage. Nuru nuru massage has gained popularity worldwide after originating in Japan’s soaplands. AMIRA Massage London are now offering their own unique take on nuru nuru massage, using only the finest authentic imported nuru gel and performed only by our world-class team of trained nuru Masseuses. This mind-blowing and innovative treatment takes cues not only from Japanese massage techniques, but from other Asian massage modalities including sensual Thai massage.

Nuru gel is a special incredibly smooth and slippery clear massage lubricant that allows your AMIRA Masseuse to slide her naked body all over yours in ways you’ll be remembering fondly forever. AMIRA Massage London take pride in ensuring that every detail of your nuru massage is carefully considered. When you book an AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE, your AMIRA Masseuse will bring everything necessary for a professional nuru massage, from the nuru gel itself to a reinforced protective cover to contain the nuru gel. This top of the range adult massage treatment also incorporates all of the best elements of the AMIRA Massage DELUXE, from a sexy Burlesque-inspired Lingerie striptease and an intimately sensual shared soapy shower so that your experience starts with a happy beginning. Book now to experience the most delightful and exceptional treatment available for the experienced sensual massage connoisseur. Experience the most exquisite nuru massage London provides and book today.

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Fully nude and totally intoxicating skin-to-skin contact and erotic slippery fun await you today, so call now or reserve online to book your AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE treatment.

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