Nuru erotica: First Nuru Massage, by AMIRA

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Nuru erotica: First Nuru Massage, by AMIRA

First Nuru Massage, Nuru Erotica

Japanese Geisha Nuru Massage IllustrationSimon groaned as he collapsed onto the bed, loosening his tie with one hand.  Three hours of meetings in Toronto, two hours of delays at the airport, a five hour flight and then the trek across London from Gatwick to Knightsbridge.  Calling this a long day would be a serious understatement.  And tomorrow it would happen all over again, except the meetings would be in Vauxhall and the flight would be to Dusseldorf.  No doubt, the delays would be the same.  He closed his eyes, pressing thumb and forefinger to the eyelids.

Despite the day, he knew sleep wouldn’t come easily.  He was too wired from the travel, from the figures that ticked over in his head.   Still, Simon went through the motions, shedding his jacket, tie, shirt, unburdening his pockets onto the dressing table, and slipping on the complimentary bathrobe with the Lanesborough crest on the lapel.  Perching on the edge of the bed, he went through the detritus that had been emptied from his pockets.  Nothing unusual: keys, wallet, spare change (in various currencies), and a couple of business cards.  One of them caught his interest.

A frosted grey semi-transparent plastic card with a phone number and a web address printed in stylish, silver embossed lettering.  “If you’re laying over in London,” one of the Canadian partners had drawled as he was about to leave, “Do it in good company.”  And, smirking, this card had been handed to him in a handshake.

“AMIRA Massage… The Ultimate Room Service,” Simon murmured under his breath.  He glanced at his watch.  Ten o’clock.  With a shrug, he reached for his mobile and dialled the number.

“AMIRA Massage, how may I help you?” A smooth and distinctly English female voice answered on the second ring.

“Oh, hello,” Simon stammered, not entirely sure how these things worked.  “I’m at the Lanesborough in Knightsbridge.  Could I get a – a house call?”

“An outcall to the Lansborough. Of course, Sir. Which massage will you be requiring?”

Simon let out a breath, and smiled, “What would you recommend?”

“Our Nuru Elite Body to Body massage is very popular at the moment, Sir.  I can have a masseuse with you within half an hour. The cost for a 60 minute treatment is £490, inclusive of travel.”

His eyebrows raised.  Simon was used to the best in terms of service, but to get anywhere in London in under half an hour was impressive. And £490 was reassuringly expensive. He nodded, “That sounds good, thank you. The name is Simon Smith, I’ll tell the concierge I’m expecting a visitor and to send her straight up.”

“Very good, Sir. Please remember that, while it is a fully nude and extremely erotic massage, it is focused entirely on your pleasure. As it’s your first time I’ll be sure to send you one of our most experienced masseuses. Enjoy your room service massage, Sir.”

Simon pressed the button to end the call.  Nuru, he thought, sounds exotic.  But he couldn’t imagine what it would involve.  Though these sorts of visitors were supposed to be commonplace among the bankers and businessmen who flitted from country to country, hotel to hotel, it was never something that had appealed to him before.  He was always too busy, his layover was too short and, if he was honest, he wouldn’t have known where to look for the best – and Simon only dealt with the best.

Simon placed a brief call to the reception desk, informing them of his visitor. If the receptionist suspected the profession of his caller, she didn’t let on.  Simon glanced at his watch. Ten past. He was nervous, agitated. He paced to the mirror and checked over his reflection. Alright, he might be paying for this service, but Simon still wanted to make a good impression. He swept a hand through his hair, thumb smoothing over the peppered grey at his temples. Distinguished, women always told him.  e smiled, and revealed a set of perfect, straight pearly teeth. An electric razor had already seen to the ten o’clock shadow, and he looked clean cut but relaxed – younger than his thirty-eight years.

Another ten minutes of pacing, and Simon realised that this nervous energy was slowly building towards anticipation, arousal.  He wondered if his masseuse would be beautiful.  He wondered what this exotic massage would involve.  He wondered if she would-

There was a knock at the door, a soft Tap Tap.  Simon crossed the room in three long strides and opened the door.  On the other side was a petite young brunette, dressed all in black.  Her face was heart-shaped, her eyes large and green, inviting.  She smiled warmly.  “Mr Smith?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied, his eyes travelling over her.

“I am Elena.  From Amira?” she added.

“Oh, of course.  Please, come in.”  Inwardly berating himself, Simon stepped aside and opened the door wider.

Elena took small dainty steps across the threshold.  Simon closed the door after her, and watched as she placed her bag on the bed.  Although petite, her figure looked voluptuous, even under her uniform.  “Please,” Elena said, “I will light some incense and candles.  Would you like to put on your robe and sit down on the chair while I set up?”

Simon smiled back at her and nodded.  She busied herself with candle and incense from the bag. Her back was turned, and he was pleased.  His cock was already half hard at the thought of this beautiful woman running her hands over his body.  Quickly, he sat down on the chair, carefully adjusting himself so he would be comfortable.  He watched as she moved quickly and elegantly around the room.  The lights were dimmed, and candle light flickered gently, the room filling with a sweet, exotic scent. It smelled faintly of amber and vanilla, of myrrh and other fine exotic things.

Then Elena stood to the side of the bed, where he could see her, and began to unbutton her fitted black dress.  She revealed her body, inch by tantalising inch.  First a strip down the centre of her torso – showing the valley between her breasts and a tempting swell and curve, and her smooth, flat stomach – then she shrugged off the dress, leaving her in her lingerie. With a flick of the wrist, her bra was on the floor too. Her breasts were full but pert, tipped with dark, dusky nipples which hardened at their exposure to the air.  Her body curved in beautifully, swelling out gently to her hips, which were revealed as Elena untied the chord of her lacey knickers, allowing them to drop in a single fluid movement to the floor.  She was breathtakingly beautiful, from her incredibly long and straight glossy black hair, down the curves of her body to her dainty painted toes.  Simon drank in the sight of her in the few short moments she stayed within his sight.  She must be used to this, he thought absently.

Then she took a step out of sight.  “I’m going to warm the nuru gel,” she said, in her soft faintly-accented tones, “and then I’ll be back.”

She was back moments later, and pulled out a thick black plastic sheet from her bag. Covering the bed with it, she explained that it was to contain the nuru gel. Simon thought it actually looked quite erotic and strangely kinky. An adult playground.

Elena took his hand in hers and pulled him off the chair. “We take a shower together first, so our skin is wet,” she explained.

Simon followed her into the bathroom, where she’d lit candles and turned the lights off. It was a strangely more inviting place. Elena turned the water on and waited for it to get warm then got in and started to get wet. “Come on in,” she whispered.

Slipping off his robe, Simon followed her into the shower. She placed him under the water and grabbed a bottle from beside her, squirting something foamy into her hands. Rubbing it all over her breasts and torso first, Elena then slid up and down Simon’s wet body with her own.

“I’ve, uh, never had a shower with anyone else before. It’s kind of nice,” muttered Simon. Elena just smiled back at him, then tangled her fingers into his hair and started breathing into his ear. Simon was getting so aroused. It was definitely a full hard on now. Elena’s soft hands were soon wrapped around his hardened cock. It was so arousing, all the stimulation of the hot water and her lithe young body, that he came so quickly onto the side of her stomach. She just finished soaping him up, and they washed all the bubbles off with hot water. Getting out first, Elena dried herself with a towel and then grabbed another one. “Come,” she said. As Simon stepped out of the shower, Elena started towelling him dry. He’d never felt so pampered.

Elena grabbed a pump bottle from the sink, where she’d left it sitting in some hot water to warm up. They wandered back into the bedroom, and Simon was guided to the black sheet on the bed, where Elena laid him down face first with a towel covered pillow under his face. Elena smoothed the warm nuru gel all over the front of her body and then put some into her hands and spread it across his back and buttocks. Simon groaned softly, as her surprisingly strong hands worked over him.  The nuru gel was incredibly slick and slippery, leaving almost no friction as her skin glided over his.  His eyes shut, Simon just felt – the firm massage of her hands, wrists, forearms. Then, smoothing down over his arms, he felt the soft weight of her breasts against his back.  She lay atop him, the slick nuru gel enhancing the warmth, the sensation of her skin against his.  He groaned once more, but this time it was a strangled, aroused sound.  He shifted his hips, his erection growing uncomfortably hard beneath him, as he felt the full length of Elena’s body over his.

She slowly and rhythmically worked the whole back of his body, sliding her own nude body against his, caressing his back with her breasts and her pert bum. She slid up and down, her entire body on his. Simon was growing incredibly aroused as she massaged every part of his body with her own, as she slid up and down his legs and arms and caressed his back. Sitting on his lower back, she started massaging his buttocks with a gentle pressure. It was a delicious feeling. He’d never experienced a body to body massage before. The nuru gel made Elena feel almost weightless on top of him, and the sliding motions sent incredible sensations throughout his whole being.

“Would you like to turn over?” she whispered in his ear.  He felt the soft movement of her breath, the tickle of her hair against the nape of her neck, and shivered.

“Yes,” he said, his voice rough with arousal.

Elena manoeuvred easily off of him, and Simon wasted no time turning over, all awkwardness vanishing in a haze of lust.  He watched her eyes flick to his long, hard cock, but her face remained inscrutable.  She applied more of the nuru gel to her breasts, and smoothed up his thighs, skirting around his prick which twitched at the renewed contact.  Upwards, over his chest, the nuru coating the sparse hairs there, and along his arms.  As she leaned forwards, her full breasts brushed over his cock, the warm nuru gel slicking the silky smooth skin.  His prick bobbed up towards her, and she moved her arms to squeeze her breasts around his rock hard shaft.  Simon’s hips pushed upwards, his eyes fluttering shut once more as he relished the sensations, the feel of the beautiful woman’s skin against his.

Slowly, Elena lowered her body over his, covering him as she had covered his back.  She weighed almost nothing, the pressure she placed against his body, his aching hard cock, just perfect.  He thrust up against her body, the gel making everything deliciously slippery. He felt the contours of her body against his cock, her stomach soft but firm against the sensitive head. The sensation, the gliding friction, began to build as he thrust up against her.  Elena’s hands still worked over his chest and his arms, her breasts sliding and brushing against him.  His hands gripped the sheets as he felt his orgasm approaching.  “I’m going to-“ he gasped, but already Elena was working her body expertly against his, and he could take the overwhelming sensations no longer.

With a long groan, Simon’s body jerked as his cock twitched and spunk mixed with the nuru gel between their bodies.

As the shudders began to ease and his head began to clear, Simon felt his limbs sink down into the bed. Elena was still warm on top of him, her weight carefully held. Simon took a deep breath and felt that he was, for the first time in months, relaxed.  And with a chuckle he thought, perhaps I will sleep well tonight.