erotic massage in londonWhat is Erotic massage?

Erotic massage, also known as sensuous massage, sensual massage, or sexual massage, is a massage modality utilising sexually stimulating massage techniques in order to enhance sexual arousal and intimate bodily pleasure. It differs from a more “traditional” massage modality such as Swedish massage or Reflexology in that it does not have a specific routine to learn, but instead focuses on the sensations created in the body produced by a sensitive touch. Practiced regularly, it has been known to improve capacity for sexual intimacy and emotional connection. Erotic sensual massage can be a delightfully meditative experience for both the giver and the receiver, and allows for a truly physically intimate experience to occur without the pressures and strains to “perform.”  The AMIRA erotic therapy is a delicious bodily experience and pleasantly relaxing, and the energy transfer that naturally occurs during the performance of a massage is both healing and restorative. It can also be a method to becoming more spiritually attuned to the universal energy, especially as more Tantra and Tantric massage practices are incorporated into the massage experience. The main aims of erotic sensual massage are to positively stimulate the libido, improve body sensitivity, and to increase sexual pleasure potential.

The aim of the erotic sensual massage is to arouse the body with full body touch and an array of different therapeutic massage techniques. During an erotic full body massage, you learn that you can receive exquisite physical pleasure from being touched all over your body and not just with the focus on the genital area. While an erotic sensual massage does typically include the massage of the intimate areas, it is not the entire focus of the massage. This type of massage is a stimulation of the entire physical body from head to toe, a somatic journey that explores how your whole body can become an erogenous zone. Many areas of the body are usually highly sensitive to touch, but during a skilful erotic massage, it feels as though every inch of your skin has become awakened and truly receptive to pleasure. AMIRA Masseuses are trained in the art of eroticism and adeptly stimulate all of your senses and your entire body in order to open you to greater pleasures. Our masseuses are chosen for their innate beauty, both inner and outer, and for their calming demeanours. Once selected, they undergo an in-depth AMIRA Massage training programme so that they may learn about the many different styles of massage that are incorporated into the AMIRA Massage, from the sensual elements of erotic massage and Tantric massage to the more therapeutic Swedish massage techniques.

What kind of massage techniques can one expect to experience during the massage session?

There are many different techniques incorporated into an erotic sensual massage: smooth gliding strokes with the hands (effleurage), kneading, light feather-like touching, stroking with the hair or feathers, a lot of skin-to-skin contact including body to body (b2b) massage, use of hot breath and light kisses all over the body, acupressure on the feet and the rest of the body, and a variety of other kinds of stimulation of the primary and secondary erogenous zones. AMIRA Masseuses are taught to use all of these techniques and more in order to be able to expertly give you the kind of sensual experience you’ve always dreamed about. The Erotic AMIRA massage is most frequently performed with both giver and receiver fully naked, and all AMIRA Massages are naturist.


What’s the best massage oil to use for a erotic or sensual massage?

How to Give a Sensual Massage


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Author: Bianca Lee