lingam massage londonWhat is Lingam Massage?

lingam massage or sacred lingam healing ceremony, is a sensual Tantric massage technique. The word lingam comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and has the meaning “wand of light.” The lingam is, for Hindus, a symbol of divine energy. A ceremony of truly respecting and healing this sacred and intimate part of male sexuality is kown as a massage of the Lingam. This divine and worshipful tending to the Lingam is done with an intention that is not strictly sexual or orgasm-oriented, but with the intention of facilitating intimate sensual healing. The lingam is also referred to as the linga or ling, and is a representation of Shiva the Hindu yogi deity. The lingam is in fact seen as the centre of the male’s creative energies. As such, an expert lingam massage can be expected to improve your creative abilities and sensibilities. Ramakrishna, a famous mystic of nineteenth century India, promoted what was known as Jivanta-linga-puja, or “worship of the living lingam.”

Your AMIRA masseuse will worship your lingam with rhythmical stroking and caressing. She will be in tune with your sensual needs and adjust her movements and pressure according to your sensitivities. Your AMIRA masseuse will worship your most sacred organ with rapt appreciation. Her attention to your lingam will not cease, even for a moment. The slippery wet oily massage stroking will continue until you reach a moment of total sensual satisfaction. All AMIRA Massages for him include a lingam healing massage.


AMIRA Massage provide a full sacred lingam experience for your total relaxation. We pride ourselves on providing the most luxurious sensual massages involveing a massage of the lingam. If you are looking for a lingham healing massage in London, call an AMIRA Concierge now +44 (0)20 7183 1624 or reserve online.

Author: Bianca Lee