nuru massage londonWhat is nuru massage and nuru gel?

The nuru masseuse uses her entire naked body, back and front, to massage the client during a nuru massage. She carefully makes sure as much of her body as possible is making contact with the client’s body and uses rhythmic rocking and gliding motions all over the body throughout the treatment. Nuru massage is a naturist treatment, where both the receiver and the giver in a nuru massage session are totally nude. An exotic and inherently sexual nude massage treatment, the nuru massage involves body slides, body gliding, and full body stimulation. Many of the techniques used in nuru massage are body to body massage techniques, specially adapted to be used with the special massage lubricant substance known as nuru gel. It is extremely slippery, smooth, colourless, odourless, and tasteless.

The main component of all nuru gel is extracted from the leaves of a brown seaweed plant also known as Sphaerotrichia divaricata. The feel of the nuru gel is very smooth, and cool to the touch. It can get a bit cold as the nuru gel is water based and it is applied on the whole body all at once, so nuru massage needs to be performed in a very warm room (at least 26 degrees celsius) for maximum comfort and enjoyment. The word “nuru” is from the Japanese language and there is some debate about what it refers to. Some claim that it means “slippery” or “smooth,” whereas others claim that it is similar to the word “nori” which is seaweed.

Nuru gel

japanese nuru gel platinumNuru gel is sold in different formats, including concentrated liquid-based gels that need to be mixed with water to achieve the right consistency, ready-mixed liquid gels that have the right amount of gel and water already inside the bottle, dry nuru powder in large bottles that you measure and mix with the right amount of water and shake to activate, and even pre-measured cups of dry powdered nuru that you add a specified amount of water to. Different manufacturers of nuru gel also combine the basic formula with various additives such as chamomile (azulene) and a variety of minerals, ostensibly to improve the gel’s apparent positive effects on the skin. Some companies even sell nuru gel with flakes of gold leaf floating in it.

Certain formulations of nuru gel are safe to use as a sexual lubricant for masturbation or sexual intercourse, whereas other formulations are not appropriate for those usages. If you are looking to purchase nuru gel to experiment with it is best to carefully read the product information of the specific formulation you are considering buying. As the popularity of nuru massage increases, there are also a variety of nuru massage accessories available for purchase. Because the nuru gel is so slippery and wet, it can get quite messy very easily. Nuru massage usually performed on either a waterproof mattress or on top of a plastic, polyurethane (pu), or rubber sheet. Using nuru gel on towels isn’t a good idea as the towels will absorb most of the gel and make the massage more difficult.

Using the gel

For the optimum nuru massage experience the nuru gel should be applied to slightly damp skin as the gel is water soluble. Because the gel is water soluble it washes off easily with just water and does not cling to the skin. All nuru gel formulations are water based and therefore safe to use with condoms: oil based massage lubricants degrade rubber latex. Nuru gel is also generally safe to use with silicon toys and is usually non-staining.



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Author: Bianca Lee