What is a prostate massage?

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A prostate massage is a physical stimulation of the male prostate gland. This is primarily performed for the purpose of sexual pleasure,  as the prostate has a key role in the male sexual response cycle. It is possible to massage the prostate manually by physically stimulating the external perineum or the internal anterior wall of the rectum. A massage therapist who is providing a prostate massage will be very gentle, especially if this is your first time, to use soft stimulation that feels exciting and pleasurable rather than uncomfortable. Before 1960, prostate massage was also a widely used therapeutic treatment for prostatitis and in many cases was known to be extremely effective. In men, the prostate gland is a very potent source of physical pleasure and invites stimulation in that manner.

What is the Tantric Sacred Spot Massage?

The Tantric Sacred Spot Massage is a combination of internal and external anal stimulation in order to enhance your sexual energy and improve the length and experience of your orgasm. It includes an internal prostate massage that is designed to help realign your Muladhara, or base, Chakra. It is also known to stimulate the flow of Kundalini energy, or the raw spirit and sexual energy that fills our being. Once your chakras are cleared and free from blockages, it is possible to raise Kundalini energy to a higher level. When you can sufficiently raise your Kundalini energy you can experience previously unknown clarity and personal expression. Touching, rubbing, stroking, caressing, and petting the perineum before any internal play is an essential element to an effective and pleasurable Tantric Sacred Spot Massage. This alone produces a variety of intensely pleasurable sensations throughout the physical and spiritual body. Once you are relaxed enough through sensuous massage and external play, it is possible to begin an excellently enjoyable and stimulating internal anal massage that animates the prostate. AMIRA Masseuses are trained in giving safe and enjoyable Tantric Sacred Spot Massages which include external anal play and a prostate massage.


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