sensual thai massage in londonWhat is Thai massage?

Thai massage is a massage modality originating in Thailand that is generally a clothed massage involving a variety of yoga-inspired stretches and bodywork postures. A massage specialist versed in authentic Thai inspired massage utilises deep stretching techniques and deep massage, with the aim of relieving chronic stresses and ingrained muscular tension. It is also believed to have a significant effect upon our emotional centre. Traditionally, a proper Thai massage, นวดแผนโบราณ or “nuat phaen boran”, will not use any oils and a client is expected to wear loose comfortable clothing throughout the treatment.

It is typically performed on a mat on the floor so that the therapist may have sufficient room to perform the stretching bodywork postures of traditional Thai therapy. The therapist applies a firm and rhythmic pressure in a specific routine, which may vary depending on the school where the routine was learned. The massage follows what are known as the “Sen lines” on the body, which are very similar to the energetic meridians followed by both Tantric massage and traditional Chinese massage. The average full massage routine lasts a minimum of two hours and is a thorough full body treatment inspired by Buddhist teachings. The therapist applies slow and rhythmic pressure with elbows, hands, thumbs, and feet. Thai massage is one of the branches of TTM, or Traditional Thai Medicine. It is believed to treat an array of physical ailments and to have a variety of benefits, from muscle release to increasing energy levels and rebalancing one’s individual electromagnetic field. The AMIRA Massage involves some postures that are incorporated from this type of massage, and set into a truly masterful sensual massage routine.


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