yoni massage in londonWhat is a yoni massage?

Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for the female’s genitalia, the vagina. It means “sacred temple.” A yoni massage is a manual massage of the woman’s yoni, usually as part of a Tantric or Tantric-inspired body massage session. Hindu philosophies such as Tantra propose that the yoni is the source of life. The counterpart to the woman’s yoni is the man’s lingam. In Tantra, the union of the female yoni and the male lingam is seen to be as part of a transcendental experience.

The yoni is revered by Tantrikas as a source of life and power, and in Shaktism, the yoni is worshipped and celebrated. A massage of the yoni, while it can be extremely arousing and physically stimulating, is not necessarily designed to bring a woman to climax. The primary purpose of a true sacred yoni healing massage is to reunite the recipient with inner sensual power and to realign sexual energies, which often leaves the recipient with a significantly enhanced sense of well-being.

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Author: Bianca Lee